Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Me!

One year ago, it was the very last day of my full-time job! Yes, that's right... I quit a life of weekly paychecks to follow my dream of making art for a living. I've always done something creative in the background... but felt like I had to wait for the perfect time, the perfect circumstances, or the perfect contacts to make things happen. And then I realized... that would never happen! So I found the courage and took a leap of faith!

So... in that time, I've written 84 blog posts, sent 1,868 tweets, finally joined Facebook, set up a YouTube channel, updated my website, vended at 6 art shows, had my work in 5 retail establishments, and sold 52 items in my Etsy Shop!

I've made over 55 pieces of jewelry, 32 Knock-Down Dolls, 10 Carnival-style Assemblages, and countless other odd and random mixed media creations.

I've learned how to shift gears faster... I'm able to work smarter (and harder!)... and I've changed directions as many times as I have categories of art that I love. I learned a lot about myself... about marketing in a social media world... and about what works and what doesn't. And I'm still learning.

But, it hasn't been all champagne and cupcakes... that's for sure. Being your own company means you do everything.... leaving little time for laundry, dishes, or vacuuming. Making money means spending money... also very scary, as your outcomes are never guaranteed. Working hard means lots of days exhausted and spent.

However, the joy I get from being able to do what I love is worth the price of admission. Waking up and knowing I might get to work on collage, assemblage, dolls, jewelry, or perhaps peruse a flea market or rummage sale... well, that's pretty damn cool. I'm hoping that in a year from now I'll be writing to all of you about my new discoveries and successes. But until then... won't you come along on this journey with me...


  1. I remember when you tentatively stepped foot out of your old life and into your new. Has it really been a year? Wow! I'm so glad to hear your venture is doing well! You are an inspiration!!!

  2. Well done to you a year down the line. I know that feeling of spending money, wondering if it will ever return dividends...Yes the internet is a wonderful tool, but also so time consuming. One has to learn to balance the home life and necessities as well as the need to spend time is a balancing act of NOTE! I have been doing it for 12 years so yell if you need advice or a person to lean on. You are not a lone! The first year is the hardest in my humble opinion, so learn from it and keep on making art!

  3. Clytie... as always, thank you so much. And Bella... I'm totally taking you up on your generous and thoughtful offer of support!


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