Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sometimes The Way My Mind Works... Makes Me Giggle

I was always drawn to those adorable, obnoxiously yellow, vintage buss fuse tins. But I stopped in my tracks recently...when I came upon a pair that had the name LITTELFUSE on them! I felt myself take a slight gasp of air as the creative wheels kicked into gear...


Little fuse.

Short fuse.

Who has a short fuse?

Ahhh, yes... Joan Crawford... Mommie Dearest!

And so an idea was born. I went to work on it right away. Thinking it out first and then having fun with my man-tools and hand drill.

What was it mom always said? A hand vice between the knees is the most effective form of birth control?

I had some interesting ideas about construction and actually came up with a few concepts. Since I had two tins, I could try a couple different things. One I incorporated into the chain.

And for the other, I created dangling fuses. And of course... anything that opens has to have some sort of collage inside. So here's Faye Dunaway doing her best Joan Crawford "no more wire hangers" impression from Mommie Dearest.

For such an industrial-looking necklace, I needed to soften the look a bit and had fun using different findings and matching beads to tone it down. You can see the finished choker in more detail here and the double tier necklace here and they are both available for purchase.


  1. I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open in awe. I never would have thought to use fuses and fuse boxes in jewelry! Oops, gotta stop typing for a minute and smack my jaw back shut. And I say it again and again -- you are an AMAZING artist!!!

  2. Clytie!

    I am humbled by your comments and thrilled that you constantly cheer me on!



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