Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Words!

Having a background in graphic design and advertising — including being a copywriter — I always tried very hard to write for the person that would be reading the package, sell sheet, or advertisement I was creating. It was fun to imagine myself in the buyers' place, and trying to determine what they wanted to know and how to convince them to buy... using words. Over the years, I began to place a lot of importance on words... written or spoken!

So it's no surprise, that words have become an integral part of my artistic creations. However, in my art I am not as clear and to the point as I was when writing for an advertising assignment. The words in my art are there to make you think. To make you ponder. To make you wonder. Does this really mean something? Or is it just nonsensical nonsense?

Sometimes I deliberately choose words that don't seem to mean anything at all. But they will to someone. Someone will read it and know that I looked deep inside their soul and pulled out those very words just so they would see them and feel connected.

And that's what I love about words.

How do words influence you... whether it be in your art or just your everyday life?

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