Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Flea Markets!

For as long as I can remember, I loved going to flea markets, antique stores and yard sales. I'm not sure exactly why, but I know I absolutely love finding little pieces of history for a couple of bucks.

Being a mixed media artist, I don't know which came first... the flea market or the mixed media? Do I create this type of art because I acquired so much junk? Or do I seek out all this junk because I love mixed media art? Hmmmmm...

Sometimes when I come upon an object, I know exactly how I would use it. But other times, I have to contemplate it's practicality. And yet other times, I have no idea what I'll do with it... I just have to have it!

I really enjoy the hunt that is a very integral part of antiquing (a.k.a "junkin"). And because I have to repurpose all these objects into other pieces of art, I need a pretty low price point. I'm happy to say that I typically will spend anywhere from 25¢ up to $5. Yup, that's it. I usually don't ever go higher unless it's something really unusual. And most of the time, my average purchase is about $2. Love that!

My biggest problem is that I have so many different kinds of art I create from these flea market finds, it's hard to contain myself. I'm shopping for stuff to make collage, assemblage, dolls, jewelry and sometimes home décor items and more! But you know what? If I could only shop in one place for the rest of my life... it would be a flea market.

If you are interested, my home town of Ocean Grove, NJ is having it's Giant Flea Market this Saturday, June 4th from 9-4 with over 300 vendors! Maybe I'll see you there. But unless you look like an antique, you'll probably have to grab my attention!

Happy Junkin!


  1. You have absolutely put my passion into words! We don't have very many flea markets in our area ... but I haunt Goodwill Surplus stores, yard sales, estate sales, and the occasional rummage sale - and come home with "junk" very similar to what you have shown!!!

    Since your bottom photo has some delightful hearts, I'm going to link this up with Guest Heart Thursday! I hope you don't mind!

  2. Thanks, Clytie! And I'm happy to be an organ donor (the heart, that is!).


  3. Flea markets are so much fun, great finds for little money. I see the hearts, very cool.

  4. I'm always impressed by the creativity of people who reuse objects. It makes the art that much better!

  5. I love going to flea markets and I enjoyed this trip! LG Tina

  6. Thanks, everybody for joining me on my junkin' journey. My heart is pounding just a little bit faster in anticipation of tomorrow's flea market!

  7. I'd have to agree with you about only shopping at flea markets. I'm drooling over all your flea market treasures. I hope to visit a few today. Happy Hunting

  8. Great post. I just bought some 'junk' yesterday. Went to this old book market, after having dug all the piles came back home all in dust and JOY!

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Wonderful finds... love hunting for treasures myself!!!

  10. we had our garage sale on sat, but it was mostly to clear the way to even begin to eliminate a boatload of excess art supplies. our garage and shed was the focus this time - now sorting through our supplies then eliminating/donating/selling them will be a completely other time-consuming but necessary matter! as they say: no pain-no gain!


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