Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quit Clowning Around... Actually... Don't!

Did you ever get one of those thoughts in your head that just won't go away? The kind where no matter how much you push it back and say, "not now, I can't" it keeps coming back with a vengeance? Yeah, me too. Ever since I made a carnival-inspired assemblage last fall, I've been wanting to create more.

Lately I had been making jewelry full-time. Now, making something that will be worn over and over (and over) means you had better make it last a long time without coming apart. Well—to tell you the truth—that kind of pressure hurts my brain a little. I needed to break freeeeeee! At least for a little while.

So I hired my handyman to build 10 boxes for me. And when he brought them over last Friday—all those pretty wooden blank canvasses—well, I just jumped right in! It was a veritable assembly line of fun! I couldn't stop myself.

I got out my vintage bulbs... and chose paint colors to match. I gessoed... and measured... and painted stripes of all colors. Then I collaged... and sanded... and aged with a wash of brown acrylic. Making messes and being un-perfect and scratching and scraping and covering up. Ahhh, sweet freedom!

Having grown up at the boardwalk and going to local carnivals and fairs... it has always been one of my favorite themes. It just brings back such happy memories. It's no wonder they keep coming back through my art. I'm looking forward to working more on these pieces to see where they evolve. I actually thought I knew exactly where they were going... but the objects I'm using seem to be making some of those decisions for me. Love it when that happens!

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  1. These are so colorful and fun and so good for the heart. I love the carnival-esque feel to them and can't wait to see them finished. Wowza!
    Peace & Love,


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