Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Step Right Up... The Carnival's In Town!

Ladies and Gentlemen... children of all ages... step right up! Don't be shy. You won't believe your eyes!

I am very pleased with my progress and the conjoined twin Tillie sideshow showpiece is nearly complete (although they have become Willie and Tillie — there's a story there). They still need a little hair... strings for their balloons... and I'm also going to attach some Christmas lights inside of the shadowbox. I think this is my favorite creation to date, and I'd love to do more folk art style pieces with a carnival theme. Hmmmmm....


  1. So they are twice as nice......and not double trouble....this is very cool Michelle......I don't know why but they make me crave popcorn.

  2. You should post a photo of the finished piece for everyone to see. It's amazing.


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