Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Valentine Giveaway...

Just my way of saying how much I appreciate all of you, my lovely blog followers! I'm giving away this Valentine Garden Fairy Doll — handmade with love by me! Dyed with shades of cranberry and eggplant, this totally bendable doll is finished with silk flower fashions, vintage buttons, beads, baubles and an embroidered heart. Straight from my garden of imagination to one lucky winner.

Simply leave a comment telling me what you love about Valentine's Day. It can as simple as "those conversation heart thingies" to the more warmhearted "spending time with friends and loved ones." You have until midnight this Sunday, February 6th. I'll choose a winner and announce it in a blog post Monday, February 7th!

P.S. This giveaway is open to everyone on the planet! Good luck!

Love Always,
Michelle xoxox


  1. I love that its after the Super Bowl and before Nascar kicks off wholeheartedly so I can get DH's attention briefly. LOL AND all the red is a nice respite from the snow and mud. Paula

  2. Michelle,

    She is adorable!! I love seeing all the creations you make.. you are so talented!! Keep warm and try to not get snowed in again.. another storm is on the way.. eeeek!! Love n hugs, Dawn inn Michigan!

  3. She really is adorable!

    What I love about Valentines? Why all of the HEARTS of course!


  4. Hi Michelle

    I was sent your way by my friend Tami Ross, who is also a mixed media artist (a brilliant on at that). We have been friends for years and we both seem to be discovering new-found passions for creating art. It's a journey that makes me feel like a kid again.

    The best thing about Valentines Day is the excuse it offers to celebrate the people you know and love. I love to send Valentines. It takes me back to those precious school years when we'd hang our decorated Valentine mailbox from the front of our school desks. We'd all be a buss while delivering the notes of affection. I couldn't wait to get home at the end of the day to dump out the treasures inside! Happy Valentines!

    Whoever you choose to send the doll to will be in for a treasured gift. LOVE the red, she's so whimsical!

    RyLee Madison

  5. I love helping my daughter fill out her cards. It reminds me of when I was younger and the excitement and anticipation of what I would find in my little valentine's box.

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  7. I love hearts so I love the holiday that celebrates them.

  8. I love that even boys can say "I (heart) you" on this day! And they give out heart shaped candy...that it frees us all to tell someone we "heart" them...and that it is my anniverary of marriage to my loving husband...and that you're giving away such a beautiful and happy doll!

  9. Thanks Michelle for the wonderful giveaway the doll is fantastic. She would be such a joy to have in my studio.

    The thing I love most about Valentine's Day is spending it with my honey oh and buying all kinds of candy for the grandkids that the parents don't like.

  10. What an adorable doll, valentine's because you see hearts everywhere, reminds me of an auction. My son and I attended when he was about 7 years old. They auctioned off a necklace, which was all gold, and filled with a lifetime of gold hearts, that must have been collected with love. As a single parent, I could not afford the piece, but loved it. My son got his gram to take him to buy me a silve heart, he has added to that heart over the years, and the necklace that has formed is a treasure that no gold could ever replace.

  11. I love the fairy! My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is watching my kids write their Valentines for classmates.

  12. I'd love living in the garden of your imagination with this sweet fairy! And I love hearts and hugs and swooning over the perfect shade of red. :)

  13. What I love about Valentine's Day is that everything is done with heart embodied by soul...and it means my birthday is two days away!

  14. I truly love Valentines day! (Your doll is adorable!) I like sending valentines and leaving special little giftees to people who might otherwise be forgotten- like some in nursing homes and widows from church...


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