Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now Where Are Those Missing Socks?

Oh... there you are, you little sneaks! All the time, you were right there in the dryer. How could I have missed you? Now you know I made you as Valentine's gifts for my favorite people. You shouldn't have hidden from me like that. I got a little worried.

Well, we weren't exactly here the whole time, you know? Maybe that's why you couldn't find us!

Oh, really? Is that right? Well... what do spare-socks-turned-sock-creatures do when I'm not around?

Well... Jay was hanging out on the counter for awhile because he thought it looked cool like an arcade...

Who are you looking at with that idiotic grin? You think that's funny?

And Mom—of course—stayed right where she was supposed to be. In the dryer. Near the lint trap. Waiting for the kids to come back...

Yeah, well... that makes perfect sense. Mom's good like that.

But I was so tired of hanging out all day in the laundry room... well... I just had to bounce!

Oh, I see. Well, I certainly get tired of hanging out in the laundry room. So I can understand that. But I'm glad I found all of you. Now I can gift you little creatures to your new owners. I know they'll be thrilled to have you!


  1. Thank you soooo much for my cute little sock creature!! He sat with me last night to watch TV and he is right at home with Mama! His name is "Moo" , after my beloved cat...so now he has to sit on my lap every night like Moo did. Thanks for sharing your creativeness and love on Valentines Day! Luv, Ma

  2. michelle- you are amazing! ;>)


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