Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughful Thursdays: Stamp Cleaning With A Purpose!

So how cool would these stampings look, all torn up and added to a journal page or collage? This is just one more way that I recycle everything! I was actually stamping onto my carnival assemblage boxes last week, but wanted an impression that resembled a timeworn look. So I glanced around for a spare piece of paper so I could stamp on it first, then stamp the box. I found a bunch of (losing) chance tickets on the fridge... and the rest is history (or a new journal element)!

The other thing I do, is when I clean off my stamps at the end, I'll wipe them with cleaner then stamp them out onto paper as well... creating a nice ghosted element. I'll do this until the ink from the stamp disappears. I have pages and pages of "cleaning off my stamps" images at the ready for journal pages and collages. They're fun to make... and they're free!

Happy stamping (and cleaning)!

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