Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flea Market Fun!

This weekend was Ocean Grove's yearly Giant Flea Market with over 300 vendors! And while there are lots of pretty, pretty things I love... I stick to buying things that I can re-purpose into art, dolls, jewelry, or whatever else I can think of. So let's have fun and take a look at some of my favorite finds...

Right out of the gate, I found these vintage wooden bowling pins. There's a tall set and a shorter set. You'll be seeing these as doll arms and legs in the future. Strike!

I almost passed out when I saw these old celluloid circus-themed candle holders for 50¢. I love it when people think it's total trash and it's something that I absolutely adore. Cha-ching!

Found these gorgeously patina'd wooden rulers and... well, what are those scallop-edged thingys? Are they for pie-making or something? Anyway... LOVE old wood. These will definitely go to good use!

Loved this little set of silver salt shakers from occupied Japan. They will totally be turned into nesty bird-themed jewelry pieces similar to ones I've made in the past!

Reminds me of... the one I love... deep in the heart of Texas! This 4" souvenir compact that I just had a hankerin' to buy... will become a Texas-sized necklace. Yee-haw!

I bought a few more items and was very happy with my purchases overall. Lots of stuff that I don't normally see, and I was really careful about what I spent. But... regardless of what I bought... it's really the thrill of the hunt that gives me the biggest satisfaction... oh yeah!


  1. Awesome finds! I especially love the circus figures. I keep meaning to start a circus collection. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Happy to help, Amanda! Especially when it comes to circus-themed stuff!

  3. what a great flea market it was....saw so many great pieces...have fun with all your purchases.....


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