Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jesus, Mary, and... Giselle?

In between other creative projects, life and a little relaxation, work slowly continues on my revised and revamped doll-inspired assemblage entitled... Twisted.

In order to keep the creative juices flowing, I did something a little different this time. I parked the entire piece across from where I sit on the couch for evening television watching. I put Giselle on a little shelf in the vintage bank drawer I'll be using... so she could get used to it... and have a little down time before she gets twisted!

This method is working out so well, because I've been thinking of ideas non-stop. I'll look over... while my brain is nice and relaxed from watching mind-numbing TV... and think of some crazy idea that comes out of left field (or maybe it's left brain!).

Like the word TWISTED. I recently acquired two tall and skinny figurines from my local flea market... and thought one of them would make a great substitute for the letter "I".

But I just can't seem to decide if I like the Mary that I got for one dollar...

Or the broken handed Jesus that I got for free with Mary because he had a broken hand (duh, that lady who sold it doesn't know me very well, does she?).

I'm not sure what color the letters will be at this point and I know that will be a factor. But it's hard to decide. Both Jesus and Mary... well... they both have their merits. What do you think? Well... I meant other than the fact that I'm twisted!

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