Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feeling Blue!

When I first envisioned my original Cotton Candy Pillow, I had more than just pink in mind. But the fabric company I order faux fur from, didn't have a light blue. So, I just stuck with the pink.

But after making the pink version, I thought, Hmmmmm... even if boys (or men) liked cotton candy, I couldn't picture them snuggling up with a pink pillow, or having one hanging from the doorknob of their room! So I searched and searched and searched the internet until I found... gasp!... a light turquoise version of the exact same funky fur I used. Yay for light blue!

So I finally got to create a version of my Sweet Tooth [Fairy] Pillow for boys... and of course for girls who like blue!

I finished the backs with the most adorable multi-colored, polka-dot fabric... so now we're all set! Whether you like pink cotton candy, or prefer your spun sugar treat in blue.... there's now a funky pillow for you! Both are available in the Carnival and Circus Fun section of my Etsy shop. Hope you have a sweet tooth!

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