Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Carnival Madness...

Whew! Worked all week and into the weekend on my carnival-inspired assemblages... and am very pleased with the results. I had fun testing out some of my new ideas... and of course I came up with even more ideas for next time (I really should write these things down, you know?). So let's see what else is new with this batch...

New words! Sometimes things are so obvious that they're not obvious at all. For instance, I fashioned these particular clown assemblages around one of my favorite boardwalk games... but had not thought of using that word until I ran out of all the F U N and P L A Y Scrabble tiles and game pieces. Duh!

Trying out some new ribbons. Loving the red polka dots juxtaposed with the coordinating circus stripes!

And speaking of ribbon... I almost died when I saw this red and white striped shimmery ribbon, that's totally wired! I attached it as an awning using vintage steel tacks. Squeal!

This time I tried my hand at fashioning a Paper Clay duck using a simple plastic candy mold from the craft store. It worked out perfectly!

And my absolute favorite I'm-totally-making-more-of-these ode to cotton candy! I really want to eat it!

And, well... ummmmm.... does anyone else see that pink elephant in the room?

So that's what I've been up to, day and night... for the past week or so. I have to admit that it's a fun process, but I'm happy to move on to the next creative project. All the carnival assemblages you see here (and more) are available on my Etsy shop if you are interested. I hope you had fun coming along for the journey!

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