Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thinking Outside The Box...

Is this figurative and literal eye candy or what? These carnival-inspired assemblages of mine have become so popular, I'm working on making another 15 of them this week! But as I create the same items over and over, my natural tendency is to evolve a bit... and think outside the box! My mind is always saying, "well what if you did this, here?" or "what if you made that a little different, there?" And so this time I listened. Let's see what's new...

I'm using a bunch of transparent light bulbs I recently acquired at a rummage sale!

In that same stash, I found two funky Christmas lights, so I paired them up for a monochromatic red version.

I also found these awesomely round lights and really thought "outside the box"!

I decided to leave the wood bare on a couple of boxes, and color them with stain instead. Loving these!

I'm also trying some different color combinations.

And capitalizing on some interesting vintage illustrations that add to the assemblages!

And I have even more surprises... but we'll save that for later. Until then...

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