Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Woodstock 1969!

Torn right from the pages of history... 1969's Woodstock Music Festival has to be one of the most influential events of my entire life. Now, I must confess... I did not attend the festival —as I was only one year old at the time — but once I found out about it, I was hooked!

That August brought over half-a-million people to upstate New York for three days of Peace and Music. From Friday the 15th... spilling over into Monday the 18th... people got along, had a good time, and helped each other out.

So what is it that I LOVE about Woodstock? Let me share...

Everything Wrong Happened. At first, they picked the wrong venue. But they made it work. Then the townspeople kicked them out. But they made it work. They got a new site 27 days out, and it rained 21 of those days. But they made it work. The fence came down the first day. But they made it work.

It Rained. And it rained hard. And no one could escape it. But it really brought everyone together. It was the "great equalizer"... where people realized that we're all in this together. Did you know that after the rain, US military helicopters flew overhead to drop dry blankets and flowers! That's right... I said military and flowers in the same sentence.

There Were People On Drugs. But you know what? Instead of gathering a bunch of police to arrest these people, they planned for it. They called in members of a hog farm commune who were used to dealing with people on LSD, and they worked it out. They even had a Trip Tent where you would go if you had a bad trip. And once you were better, you became the doctor and helped the next person walking in.

They Ran Out Of Food. Because the New York Thruway was shut down (the concertgoers ended up parking all along it), no food trucks could get in. But people shared what they had. They set up free kitchens. Even people in the neighborhood passed out their own food. Everybody worked together to feed each other.

Freedom Of Expression. Whether it was the music, the way people dressed, the homemade flags and signs, or what you had to say... it was certainly expressed at Woodstock. In fact, Max Yasgur — the man whose farm the concert took place upon — was boycotted for letting them have it on his property. But he didn't care. Just because they were hippies, it doesn't mean they didn't have the right to express themselves. 

3 (and-a-half) Days of Peace & Music. People got along. Everyone respected each other. They had a good time. And were creating history. The producers knew it was bigger than anyone could have anticipated... but it was magic. There was harmony. Not only of music... but everybody working together for the common good.

Whenever I get sick of this modern-day rat race... I think of Woodstock. For a couple of days in 1969... they got it right. So on the anniversary of this amazing festival, I encourage all of you to celebrate harmony in your own special way. And if you have time, rent the 3 hour movie... put a blanket down in your living room... grab a bottle of your favorite wine... and just sit back and enjoy the show.

Peace xoxo

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  1. "For a couple of days in 1969... they got it right." I couldnt have said it any better.


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