Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lettering On Fabric...

So maybe you've always wanted to paint some nifty lettering on a fabric project, but you're not so good with drawing. Well, guess what... me neither!

I know what you're saying, "But, Michelle, there's no way I can draw out the letters I want... they're all wonky and misshapen... and they end up all crooked and stuff!"

Well, let me show you a little secret. I call it my Instant Lightbox. It's absolutely free, it's super simple, and you can use this technique for lettering, or any other piece of artwork you'd like to "transfer" onto fabric.

Print out your text (or image) onto regular copy paper. My image was a little longer than a letter size sheet, so I pieced it together. Tape your artwork onto a window with lots of sunlight coming through. Then you can tape your piece of fabric over top of your artwork, trace the image with a pencil, and voilà... you're ready to paint!

A professional-looking, hand-painted fabric masterpiece. And no drawing ability needed!

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  1. I teach fabric painting and we even use sliding doors for the big stuff! I have had two light boxes made for the smaller stuff as I also teach at night when there is no sun! minor technical glitch...


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