Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Graphic Design!

You may or may not know that my original creative background was in Graphic Design. I studied Advertising and Marketing in High School, and liked it so much... I chose it as my major in college. Before I quit my job to make art full time, I worked for several companies in an Art Directorial capacity. In-house design departments, ad agencies, publishers, and a little bit of freelance. I've designed everything from business cards to books, magazine advertising to marketing materials, point of purchase displays to packaging.

These days, I still have one long-standing freelance client — Art & Soul Retreats. I started as a very enthusiastic attendee at their mixed media events way back in 2005 and befriended the owner Glenny Moir. Eventually she asked me to design a logo for one of the retreats, and that led to a few teaching gigs as well. Fast forward a few years, when they were in need of a new Graphic Designer... and the rest is history.

I always have a great time designing the ads for Art & Soul, as the subject matter is... well... my favorite! Funny thing is — even in this day and age of computers — I love to sketch out the ads just like I did in college. It's a habit I never got out of. I mean... computers are fast and all... but not that fast. And I enjoy looking back at my sketch when the ad is finished. Sometimes it's pretty darn close!


  1. I am also a graphic designer by training (I won't say how many years ago, but it was before computers...) and yes, I have to say that I quite agree with you that nothing beats designing on paper first! I just think better that way too. Computers are a useful end solution, but not the place to start!

  2. Bella, it's so funny how many artists have a graphic design background. Interesting!


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