Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two For The Show...

Whew! Art Show's almost here and I've been making, making, making... for weeks now. Just two more categories of "stuff" and I'll be all set. Last week I was working on a project from — dare I admit — a few years ago! A while back, I had created some tiny little 4"x4" canvasses with a flower theme and thought I'd make some more for the Boardwalk Art Show.

I had some already in the works and thought it'd be very simple and quick to finish them up. Silly me! But I gave myself two whole days to get done as much as I could and ended up making 8 more. Not too shabby.

Then it was on to upcycling more jewelry from vintage pieces and parts... and of course other assorted oddball items... like these adorable, perfectly patina'd vintage cookie cutters.

The moment I saw them I knew they'd turn into a cascading trio of pendants. I love it when my visions finally come to fruition! Especially when it's only been a short while since I found the treasures. Yay! for almost instant gratification!

And a Buster Brown watch face I acquired (with a squeal, I might add) at a local flea market became this whimsical reminder of what fun it was getting my first pair of those very popular shoes at the age of 5!

A few mermaid necklaces later and I think I'm nearly done. Once I get on a roll... I certainly could keep going. But for now it's best to stop and clean my house. What a wreck! Everything else kind of gets put on hold when I'm creating. Now if I could only make enough to hire a housekeeper! Oh, yeah!

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Ocean Ave at the boardwalk • Ocean Grove, NJ 07756
74 juried vendors • free admission

So if you're around, come on down to the Art Show! I'll have lots of circus-themed art, delightful dolls, colorful collage, awesome assemblages, upcycled jewelry, unique home decor, and a few surprises! Hope to see you there.

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