Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Can't Complain!

Okay... well, let me set the record straight... I really can complain... 

...but I wont!

You see... it's been hot as heck this week here in New Jersey. And that's actually typical for this time of year. We get a few weeks every Summer where you kind of have to hide inside... in an air conditioned room... and not move around too much.

But after the 9 insane snowstorms, and otherwise chilly weather that we had this Winter... I promised myself I wouldn't complain when it got too hot!

And so... I'm going to take inspiration from my little Tillie snowman here... and I'm going to put on a big giant smile... and deal! Wait one moment, while I pretend I'm made of snow...

Brrrrr! Hey... it worked!

So, how's the weather in your area?

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