Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh, Where... Oh, Where... Has My Paperclay Gone?

 ...oh, where... oh, where... can it be? As you may know, I've been working on my mixed media assemblages for the past two weeks and using my favorite Creative Paperclay to make some of the components. Of course being someone who waits until the last minute to see if she has everything... I realized I was out of Paperclay.

So imagine my surprise when I got to Michaels and couldn't find any! I panicked and asked a sales associate if they had any in the back. She picked up a package of something called Clay Mache and told me that it was the Paperclay... only a special private label for Michaels brand. Now this confused me because the packages were different sizes, their country of origin was different, their instructions were different, and they even felt different when I squished them (yes, I do squeeze the Charmin!).

So I just had to call the people at Creative Paperclay and ask them what was up. As I suspected, the Clay Mache is not the same as Creative Paperclay. And after using them both, I can tell you... it's not even a close substitute. So I'm telling you now...  there is still Creative Paperclay left in many of the Michaels stores... and if you see it... snatch it up! You may not find it there in the future.

But Michelle! Say it ain't so! What can I do to make sure Michaels Craft Stores
continues to carry my all-time favorite Creative Paperclay?

Well, I'm so glad you asked! Here are a few things you can do:

• You can contact Michaels Customer Service via e-mail and let them know you don't want Creative Paperclay to go! Michaels really does respect what their customers think!

• You can give Michaels Customer Service a call at 1-800-642-4235, and let them know you'd hate to have to shop elsewhere for your one and only Creative Paperclay!  :o( 

• Go to your local Michaels store and let them know that you really need to be able to get Creative Paperclay there. They're pretty good at passing on customer's comments to the big guys up at Headquarters.

So, let's turn up the volume and create some noise folks. What do we want? We want our Paperclay! Where do we want it? We want it at Michaels!

If you take any action... I'd love to hear about it in the comments! And thanks for helping me (and I'm sure a lot of other Creative Paperclay fans) to try and keep this conveniently at our local Michaels Craft Stores!


  1. I only found out about Paperclay somewhat recently, but have never bought any. Funny that about the time I had been thinking of trying it, it may not be available! Figures!!!

    Thank you for this info. I hope lots and lots of people contact Michaels and make lots of noise!!!

  2. Thanks Clytie! Sounds like me and Suzi Blu. As soon as I discovered this talented New Jersey artist, she moved to California! (but she's coming back now!) Maybe we can help Paperclay stay... yay!

  3. I emailed Michaels and told them I only used paperclay and I would only shop there if I could by it. I got a response that was basically sorry what we have is better according to our design team. I guess I'm gonna being buying in bulk from the main site now. Where is the new stuf made? Let me guess, china?

  4. Teresa... wow! Of course they think it's better. I tried it. It was awful. And yes, Michaels brand is made in China.

  5. Hi Michelle,
    I'm glad I stumbled onto your site, as I'm a *huge* fan of recycling, too.

    It's good to know I'm not alone in my angst about Michael's discontinuing Creative Paperclay. I wrote a blog review/comparison between CP and the new ArtMinds 'substitute' at www.recycleartist.blogspot.com and sent it to Michael's. I sure hope they rethink their decision. Hobby Lobby is the only other place to get the smaller sized packages around here.

    I'm following your blog now. Feel free to follow mine, too!


  6. I just came from Michael's in Plymouth, Ma. They stopped selling Paper Clay about a month ago. I told them about finding the articles in Google about their costomers and how disappointed they are about not finding Creative Paper Clay in their stores. I have to drive twice the distance to buy my clay, so I get other supplies while I'm there. Michael's loss!

  7. You want Creative Paperclay back at Michael's?? The very best thing you can do, and trust me on this, is for all you Paperclay fans to get together and individually post your concerns on Michael's facebook page. A continuous flow of respectful requests to bring back your favorite product will get their attention faster than any phone calls or emails ever will. Posting your concerns as loyal customers in a social network environment is like announcing your customer dissatisfaction in front of the whole world. They'll take note and I would not be surprised if you see your beloved Creative Paperclay return to the shelves of Michael's in the near future.

  8. Yes!! Please, let's go and continually ask them on their facebook page to bring it back!!! That is a GREAT way to get them to bring it back!! We all need to pull together to do it though. Paperclay lost a very big distributor account from Michael's, so their company is at risk of shutting down. --But, if we just keeeep on asking Michael's for it back, we may just help to keep the best paper - clay in business! Paperclay, by Creative brand, is sincerely THE BEST and we need to let them know that we realllyyyy want to buy it at Michael's!

    (Just a side note, you can buy it bulk for very cheap through Creative's Bulk Paperclay website! Here is their site: http://shop.creativepaperclay.com )

    Good luck, and let's let the world know that we love and need Paperclay, ladies and gents!!


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