Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where Have I Been Lately?

You know... I'm not really sure where I've been lately. Off in Dream-land somewhere, I guess. Doesn't that sound like a nice place to live? And if the town colors were aquamarine and magenta like this old, faded sign at Coney Island boardwalk, well... I think I could live there forever.

In actuality, I've been crunching numbers while I review my first full year as an independent art business and, well... the picture's not a pretty one. Seems there's only so much one person can make in a year... and all that stuff doesn't add up to enough. But, I've been dreaming up some newer, bigger ideas in hopes that I can continue to make art my business. So it's back to Dream-land for me... just for a little while.

Sweet dreams xoxo

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