Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Taking A Chance...

Nothing like an upcoming juried show to get in gear and create something that's been floating around my brain for awhile! This time, I wanted to make an Asbury Park themed painting that looked like the board walk Chance card from the Monopoly game.

And, of course, since it's Asbury... I had to give my favorite guy Tillie his props! It took me like 11 different drawings, but I finally got him looking happily dapper!

After adding him to my existing drawing, it's time to make a transfer... the old fashioned way, with pencil. Hurry, the light is fading!!

Transfer is  in place and now it's time to trace really hard. I don't know if you mixed media artists out there have this same problem... but I find it difficult to work on a canvas.... well... because there's a hole in the back! So I put a stack of magazines underneath the area I'm working on and it makes things much easier!

Now the tricky part... to paint this entire 16" x 20" canvas without rubbing off any of the pencil lines!!

Whew! Four or five hours later (that precision work gives me a neck ache), and I am totally ecstatic with the outcome! Let's hope he gets in the show.


  1. LOVE.....LOVE.....LOVE!!!!! This is awesome......I wish you the best for 2012 and always. I can't believe what happened in January either....mine came crashing in..was off to a great start and now I can't get anything done. Today is a whole new day though!

  2. I have also had the problem of pencil lines disappearing or smudging. At art stores there is a fixative spray or sealant or the cheapy version hairspray (test something you dont care about first) Also carbon paper is quicker than the pencil rubbing method for transfering lines. I use a little projector I got at an art store you just put on top of original .I love your Art!


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