Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Circus Sideshow Dolls Come to Life...

Step right up and meet our sideshow freaks from left to right... Tallulah Belle, our very happy, very friendly, very hairy, Bearded Lady. Then there's Cheri, our French Forest Fairy come to life from the pages of an actual fairy tale! Maggie our resident bird girl loves shiny objects... in fact, that's how she got her name... because she's like a Magpie! Our little Queen of the Sea is Jewel... although we tease her and call her Kitty, because her last boyfriend was a Catfish!

See how they all came to life — in this short video I made of my daily progress — from plain paper clay dolls to the painted, dressed up and embellished sideshow characters that they are today.


  1. these are beautiful! thanks for showing how they went from step A to step amazing!!


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