Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Open Book...

An open book can describe many facets of my life... I am an open book as far as life experiences go. I have nothing to hide, and will share anything with anyone who would like to know more about me. You might also say that I always have an open book. Somewhere. Of some kind. Usually crafting or self-help (LOL! relates to the whole "experiences" thing). And you could note that I am frequently writing things down or drawing something in some kind of a book. Namely... a journal.

Well, recently I had noticed that I've been all work and no play. Although work is my play... I was only making things that were for other people. Things to be sold. Things I needed to hurry up and get done. All that pressure! Well, some valve must have opened up when I had an extra hour and decided to watch Pam Carriker's free Visual Journaling class by Strathmore.

Because, no sooner did the first video end... I was rummaging around the filing cabinets for photocopies of my own personal artwork to alter. I brought out my largest journal with nice heavy pages... got my scissors, paints and trusty gel medium... and I was on my way. No time to wait for things to dry. Oh, certainly not. I could not stop myself! And then I realized... it was because I was working with a copy. Not an original. If I messed up... I could try again. How freeing that was!

It took me forever to learn (and I continue to remember) that it's okay to make mistakes with the creative process. Now if I could just remember that about myself!

COMING UP NEXT WEEK... Mixed Media Jewelry

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  1. I'm enjoying the workshop too...it's a lot of fun! Love your pages :)


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