Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays: Why "Yesterday's Trash"?

For today's installment of Thoughtful Thursdays, I thought I'd tell you the story of how I came to have a handmade art business called... Yesterday's Trash. Well... you see... I always loved picking up things off the ground, finding random discardia, perusing vintage treasures at the flea markets and spending lots of time in antique stores. I always went for the oddball stuff or broken down things that no one else wanted. Those items called out to me way more than the collectible stuff. I often wondered... why do those things appeal to me?

And then one day I was reading my own artist's statement, only this was more than a year after I penned it. When I originally wrote the statement... obviously I wrote it about my art. How I like to take these objects people thought weren't important, polish them up, bring them back out into the sunlight, and say... See! Look how special this really is! However... when I read it this time, I realized that it was clearly about me! About who I am as a person. And then, the random name I had chosen oh, so long ago made perfect sense.

I realized that I felt like Yesterday's Trash! Lots of experiences in my childhood days made me feel like a piece of garbage. Like I was useless and not worth anything. And at that moment, I became acutely aware that — over my lifetime — I had picked myself out of the trash, polished myself up, brought myself back out into the sunlight and said... See! Look how special she really is! 

And that's my story of Yesterday's Trash. The End.
...just kidding... this is only The Beginning!


  1. What a gift to yourself to realize how shiny and special you really are. I definitely saw that shine when I met you. And I see it in your art too !
    Happy Weekend, Brilliant One !

  2. Might I say that not only is your artwork beautiful, but that you are a beautiful person inside and out! If only the world were abundantly filled with people whose hearts shined like yours....Shine on.....


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