Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays: Says Who?

It was the inability to tie myself down to only one type of artistic endeavor that led me to contemplate that all-important question... WHY? I think about it often. Do I get bored easily? Am I fickle? Are there just so many facets of my personality that I can't keep them all tied down? And why am I worrying about why?

Well, being around a lot of artists... I've been told that I should concentrate on one style or one medium if I ever want to be successful. And I get that. If people recognize your style, then you're going to be able to create some type of a following. But on the other hand, if I had stayed with the same category... I might still be doing photography or rubber stamping hand made cards! Oh the humanity. I never would have experimented with lots of other mediums and combined them all into my own style in this new discipline they call... Mixed Media!

And then I realized... I see art as a release of my emotions. And when people tell me I should only make one kind of art.... it's like telling me I'm not allowed to feel all those different feelings. But that's not going to happen (because I have a lot!). I had enough of holding back my feelings for this lifetime.... and they're all coming out... as a unique and significant array of artistic creations, thank-you-very-much!


  1. It is ok to go from one thing to is really what art is all about. It is not one thing........or your is a reflection. All of our days are not the kind that you want to jump out of bed and face.....and that is reflected sometimes in what we do too! You just have to keep on keeping on and not loose FAITH. Know in your heart that you are on the right track and know one day..........oh this is what it is all about. Sometimes it is hard to find the answer to your question.....why.....while you are still searching and day you will just KNOW.

  2. I love your work, and I love mixed media because it allows me to play with all of the things that interest me. I have never let what others think influence me or dictate what or how I should do things. I do what makes me happy. But sometimes because I tend to "walk in circles", 5 projects going at once, I questions myself. I have realized this about myself and now laugh. So Michelle ask yourself are you happy with your art? Does it make you happy? That's all that matters!

  3. I think I can relate and understand what you mean. One of the common dilemmas of creative people is to find balance between creating work that people already accepts vs creating work that is varied and challenges the creative person. Being an open minded mixed media jewelry maker; I personally believe in the importance of having varied styles because it gives me more room to grow my ideas. Visually speaking though, most people have a fondness for visual symmetry and having mixed media art can be tough for people to soak everything in. For example, it's more calming for the mind to soak in a booth with all jewelry made about dreams and angels verses a both with mixed media jewelry. I think it's like that with movies too; it's easier for the eyes to watch movies with 1 or two ethnicities of people verses a mixed assortment of ethnicities (even though there needs to be more minorities on the screen). Mixed media also would often mean lots of one of a kind pieces; not everyone can handle the decision factor of choosing between this one of a kind verses that one of a kind. People like choices and options but not not too many choices and options. But again, I being an open minded mixed media advocate believe in the importance of creating things that are varied and that can challenge us.


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