Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Right On Target...

Nothing like another gallery deadline to get me in the spirit — and get me moving — to finish a piece of art! But this time I was right on target!

My goal was to finish up with my "deer" little project... to be entitled Wounded. I found her a home in the most amazing vintage drawer.

I papered the inside with a printed brown bag I received with the purchase of some antique bits and bobs awhile back. It was a good match with the shading of the wood and I wouldn't have to age it with paint or stain. Sweet!

The drawer was long and skinny... ideal for the arrow I wanted to add, aimed right at my poor little deer. I wanted the sub-theme to be that... she always felt like the target of their hurtful words. I couldn't find a vintage arrow at the flea market, so I did a little searching and found this amazing blog post on how to make my own. I aged mine to look old, and I was on my way to driving the point home.

I burnt a saying into the sides of the piece (I must admit that I LOVE that burnt wood smell). Then I added a little paper target to my deer and placed her in just the right position in the box... okay, I'm fibbing. The deer only fit in one way, and at that angle because of the position of the antlers. But who would know, right? This was the perfect box to use for this piece... and I was going to make it fit, dammit!

As with many of my pieces, this mixed media assemblage was an accident. It wasn't planned. It just kind of made itself. I wholeheartedly believe that the things that need to come up... well, they just come up. I made the deer on a whim... just playing around with face structure and torsos using paper clay. When I was finished it looked like a deer. When it was painted, it looked sad and wounded.

The Shakespearean reference to slings and arrows always reminded me of how all the cruel things other children said to me throughout my youth really stuck in my heart and caused me great pain. I paired these elements together to create this piece. And I have to confess... it's my new favorite.

I know that in my art making, part of it is to get out my own personal emotions... even if they are based in hurt and pain. But in my art sharing, my goal is to show that there is beauty in sadness. And that it's okay to feel these feelings. It was the sadness that caused us to be the beautiful creatures we are today.

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  1. I think this is a beautiful piece in lots of ways, Michelle. How it came to be, the work on your spirit that was done in creating her, and the final product all have a beauty to them. "Wounded" is a treasure.


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