Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays: The Future Is Clear!

Because every day I'm shufflin! Okay, so I didn't just write this blog post so I could do a shout out to my favorite party song... it's actually a fair warning. So that you don't do what I've done. So that you don't get trapped in a box. So that you don't ever buy storage that isn't clear! I'm here to tell you about the clear tub shuffle!

A few weeks back, I did a post about how I organize some of my art and craft supplies. I mentioned that when a particular group of supplies outgrow thier jar, drawer or shelf... that they might get lucky and get their own tub. One reason is that I love sifting through my stuff to find exactly what I need! However, the storage tubs I had were not see-through. It was highly probable for me to get quite annoyed trying to find that one piece of whatever that I was looking for. But it's all clear now!

I needed to store my supplies in transparent tubs so I could see everything from tippy top to the very bottom... and everything in-between (and yes, that is a 2" piece of a jean hem and an old bra strap. I save everything! It's a curse). But my life is so much easier now that I can see what I'm looking for from all sides. So take this as fair warning.... if you're gonna go big... make sure you're clear about it.

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  1. I can see clearly now.......the rain is gone!!!!


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