Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Is Your Brain On Art... Any Questions?

Well, I'm proud to say that I am following my own advice. Now you must understand that this in itself is a major task! But I said I was going to draw something every day... and I have. I'm not saying I like everything I've done (thank goodness for the editing that social media allows), but I am just happy that I have begun a new creative journey and am ready for where it takes me. Here's a few of my favorites from the week...

This little squre-headed bull had been floating around in my head since Jesse Reno's class and was the very first drawing I made... all with my non-dominant hand. I liked him so much I cut him out and pasted him inside my journal. Oh, dear.... I hope he likes pink!

Little circus bear just started out as a round head. The very interested sun looking over him I added as a contemplative interaction for the sketch. Just trying different things.

One single star caught by this primitive bunny makes him a happy boy. Again, just drawing what comes to me and not trying to force the direction of the piece. The moon and stars were all added after the bunny was "born". Still feeling out my style. I know it won't happen overnight... but I must say I am one impatient artist!

This sketch emerged from the desire to illustrate the stress related brain fog I currently suffer from. The little monster in her scrambled head makes her eyes all wonky, but she still holds tight to her heart. I liked this one so much, I decided to play around and turn it into a painting...

I stuck with my own personal style for the background because I didn't want to get too far out of my comfort zone. I know how frustrated I can become when I'm going into uncharted territory. I chose to make a very busy background, almost to create a total sense of chaos for the piece.

But working late into the night turned it into... well... ummm... uhhh... something a little different! I was actually employing some of the methods I learned in Jesse Reno's class and had covered up a section of the piece I didn't like. The color I chose looked like a hospital gown and not seeing her arms made it look like they had been severed off. So I went with it! I actually love the way she turned out! Just goes to show... I'd give my right arm for some artful play time!


  1. Oooooh, I am loving these very much ! You are letting losse in an awesome way.
    That bull head guy will like pink if he's going to hang with you !
    Keep on flying, BRave One !

  2. My friend asked me how my brain worked....I'm sending her the link to your blog!


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