Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: What Was She Thinking?

Last weekend, I took a trip to our local Flea Market to find some wooden thread spools for my next project. Unfortunately, I did not find any... but of course I never leave empty handed! I always get lots of disparate, weird and unique items... and so I thought I'd tell you what was going on in my head when I came across each of them! So, let's see what the heck I was thinking...

Eeeeek! Glittery candy garland! I could totally use this for a candy inspired assemblage! Maybe peppermint swirls hanging vertically... or maybe nailed to the side. So sweet for only $1.

Elephannnnnts! Need more elephants for all of my circus-themed dimensional dioramas. I always picture them — perhaps one on either side of the main element of my art — majestically guarding it. I'll never forget this buy at a mere 25¢.

Ooooooh, used vintage bulbs. Sweeeeeet! And I just heard the dealer give that guy a good price on something else! I could use them for a steampunk-themed art doll... as a funky cool hat! Hey mister, how much for the jar of bulbs? A great idea for only 50¢.

Gold teeeeeeth??? Hmmmmm... Gold. Metal. Freaky! Yeah... definitely some kind of jewelry thing. Only $3 for this extraction!

Gasp! Girl scout stuff! Even though it's new, I can make it look old... those patches haven't changed much over the years. Could totally see them on a funky green mailbag purse. Or maybe a skirt! Now that would be fun. And the badges are a bonus! Earned this stash for a mere $2.

Ohmigosh! A dirty, scary, albino bunny (all by itself on an empty table)! Must have! Love cute and scary. Not sure what I'll use it for but.... it's free! You know, I almost find as much free junk on the ground as I actually purchase at this place! Gotta love that.

So thanks for coming along on my flea market trip! I'd love to hear about some of your strange and unusual purchases and how you intend to use them.


  1. Awesomeness allll around!!! LOVE your haul!! Cannot wait to see them in their new world! :)


  2. Great finds!! we would have fun shopping together!


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