Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's Play... Candyland!

Sometimes when I work on a project for so long, my soul just cries out for something completely different. And that's why I have a journal at the ready, at all times!

So I decided to let loose and try my hand at a paint-over... painting over an existing photograph. This one was so cool, I just loved the model... and her makeup... and her hair. I thought it would be an interesting starting point.

Using acrylics, I painted over the entire photo until every bit of it was covered.

Once I finished, the page was just begging for some kind of candy. I mean, her hair already looks like cotton candy—so why not go with the flow!

I decided on peppermint swirls... not my favorite to eat, but they sure do make for great art!

But they looked kind of flat on the pages and I wanted them to pop a little more. So I traced them in place, removed the pieces and added a light wash of acrylics to create a shadow behind them.

Voila! Very happy! Although I'm not sure where I'm going from here. But that's usually how it goes with me! It will be there in my trusty journal when the inspiration takes over. It was fun just to let go for an evening. 


  1. What an interesting concept - a paint-over. I've never heard of this being done, and I LOVE the resulting picture!

  2. Love that technique. Makes a great jumping off point !
    Happy Tuesday, Sweet One !


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