Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Can You Ear Me Now?

Recently I was contemplating what to give a friend for her birthday, when I had an awesome idea. She had purchased one of my upcycled vintage necklaces earlier this year... so I'll make her a pair of matching earrings! I knew she wore both gold and silver, and didn't have any red earrings at all, so I made her a pair in both colors.

Then I had to make it look present-able! I knew she was a fan of Asbury Park, so in keeping with my blog post from last week, I decided to use some vintage boardwalk tickets from 1960 to make the ultimate present-tation!

But a funny thing happened on the way to making these birthday gifts. I recognized that I don't really make earrings to sell, but I loved these so much I think I'm going to start...

Right after I make myself a pair!


  1. What a wonderfully stunning idea for the earrings - they are AWESOME!!!

    What a thoughtful friend you are!

  2. Thanks, Clytie. The whole artist thing allows you to never have to shop retail again! xoxo

  3. Ruby Red Beauties !!
    Happy Friday, Lovely Michelle !


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