Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Let's Talk Turkey... or Chicken?

Chicken wire, that is! In my ongoing quest for fun and funky ways to display my jewelry items, I stumbled across some frames that had open mesh wire attached in the center. I thought chicken wire would be even cuter... and that was it. I was in love!

So I decided to repurpose a vintage frame I purchased for $1 (yes, one dollar!) at a rummage sale. Besides its beautiful raised designs, I loved that it was all crunchy and crusty and dirty.

I wanted to make it match my signature color — pink, of course— but also to add interest, so I lightly dusted some highlights onto the raised parts using acrylic paints and a little piece of foam.

Isn't it just delicious? That's the icing on the cake. Yum!

Then I had a contractor (okay, my friend who enjoys doing all this weird construction stuff for me) attach chicken wire to the back, and.... 

Voilà! Instant jewelry display!

I punched holes, and cut a slit up to the hole in order to hang the cute little ticket stubs I made for my earrings... and I'm all set! Now to just figure out a funky way to showcase my upcycled vintage necklace creations. I'm working on it...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. I love this!! I was looking for some ways to display jewelry for craft and art shows, and this is to fantastic!!!!


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