Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Hanging Around...

So after I made a couple pairs of earrings as a birthday present, I said I was going to make a few pairs to sell and... Wowie! Even I was impressed! I gave myself 2 days to make as many earrings as I could, in every color possible. Getting all my supplies out was the hardest part... beads in every color, silver stuff, gold stuff, the tools, the hardware, the findings and such.

The preparation took so long, but on the first day I made 10 pairs of earrings and was thrilled!

So imagine my surprise when, by the end of the second day... I had actually completed 32 pair! I had a lot of fun creating interesting combinations with only a few components...

And even went outside the box with this fish and jellyfish duo!

And even got a chance to re-purpose some flea market finds and craft components. But getting to go through all my beads was a great exercise in rediscovering what I had (and what I need more of)!

And of course, in keeping with my new theory on fun, funky tags and hand stamped prices... I carried that through with these as well. And, I even thought to create blank tickets to give customers if they're buying earrings as a gift (so as not to give away the price!). All and all, an excellent haul for some extra jewelry stuff that was just... hanging around.

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