Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Sketching It Out

Sometimes having an idea in your head just isn't enough before you set on a path to actually create it! That's where sketching comes in handy. Now... mind you... I still think I can't draw! But, if I pretend that no one is ever going to see my drawings... that I can tear out the page if I really don't like it... and oh yeah, I can use that little eraser thingy on the other end of my pencil... everything will be just fine!

Sometimes I like the sketch just as much as the finished piece. Sometimes more! This Queen Hotel drawing still makes me smile.

Sometimes I'll get brave and even sketch out my ideas in pen! Scary! But if I mess up, the (lingering) perfectionist in me will not let me scratch it out. So I end up collaging over it. But that can be cool too!

Sometimes my sketches are for work stuff. Like this one I did (ahem, at home on my own time... you're welcome!) for Ranger's Memory Frames packaging. I was inspired and happened to have my journal nearby. The final package is pretty darn close, I must say!

And sometimes pictures are just not enough... so I make lots and lots of lists and notes to explain my ideas. Often, there's no time to actually create these projects in the moment... so a journal, a pencil (or a pen if you're brave) and your imagination are the perfect creative companions!

Feeling sketchy? I hope so!

P.S. Stay tuned for a very special blog post tomorrow! I'll give you a hint... there's no place like home.


  1. I have a journal like this, though it is mostly lists of lists of a few more lists...

  2. Bella... I LOVE lists! In fact, most of my journals ARE lists!

  3. Another great post.....I should really keep a little journal with me - I usually end up writing ideas on receipts the inevitably get thrown out.

    I'm a list girl too.

    Thanks Michelle!


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