Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Circus Has Come To Town...

Come on in folks...

Now, don't be shy! Right here under the tents you'll find arcade toys and clowns and visual illusions of all sorts and kinds. You'll encounter oddities and freaks and things you've never seen before. So step right up for the spectacle of all spectacles... it's Yesterday's Trash!

Whew! In the past two weeks my life has been a little like a circus! First, mom and I took a trip down to Hampton, Virginia to sell some stuff at the Art & Soul Retreat's Vendor Night. Usually I'm an attendee, but I thought I'd try my hand at selling now that I'm a full time "Maker". But I didn't only bring my art...

I made sure to put plenty of junk in my trunk... well, because it's that kind of crowd. It's fun to see everyone sifting through the bags of antique baubles, vintage game pieces, jewelry bits and tons of ephemera. Because... that's what I'm usually doing!

On the way home, we hit at total of 6 flea markets, antique stores, goodwill buildings and this little lean-to-turned-antique-heaven that would make Mike and Frank from American Pickers proud! We're going to go back soon and do the whole circuit again (just the junkin' part)!

And if coming off of one show and getting ready for the Music & Arts Festival in my home town this past Saturday weren't enough... I decided to start and finish a pair of Ruby Slippers for a gallery show!

Then back to the business at hand... creating more business! This weekend's Festival brought perfect weather, a diverse group of artists, and lots of interested shoppers! Being in a beach town and living near the boardwalk, my style of art definitely touched the hearts of many attendees!

And because my art was different from most... I landed myself a video interview by Ocean Grove's very own Blogfinger. They took a shining to my Sideshow Banner and had me talk about the inspiration behind it. Fun!

But I must say, now that I have those art shows behind me... I'm looking forward to finally getting back to "work" and also being able to clean the house. The circus life ain't easy, folks... but it sure is fun! Ta-daaa!

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  1. i hope your vending at A&S went well - your booth looks great. just love those knock down clowns you make!

    i stopped at that one flea market in Delaware that you took a photo of - the one with all the stuff crammed everywhere! i tell you, I actually felt overwhelmed there and after about 15 minutes or so, felt i had to get out of there! she's got great stuff, but 3/4 of it isn't accessible.



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