Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Emotions... The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

It is no surprise that artists can be very emotional people. But, hey... don't we all have our good days, our bad days, and those kind of ugly days too? Nobody's happy all the time. And as an artist, I get to let those emotions spill out into my work... baring all for the world to see. But I don't mind, because I have nothing to hide. In fact, if my art can touch you in an emotional way... then we've made a connection. And I love making connections. So today's projects were inspired by feelings of all kinds...

The Good: After going through a difficult separation and divorce a few years ago... I began to get my wings back and I could remember... How To Fly. (P.S. I was 41 when I made this necklace — more symbolism).

The Bad: the title of this piece really says it all... Sometimes I Feel Like A Broken Doll Baby. And it's true. Sometimes I feel like I've been through the war zone or something. But I look at my tattered garb, fading paint, scrapes, cracks and worn out parts... and I embrace every one of them!

The Ugly: these Tattered Roses were forgotten before a week long vacation... and looked like this upon my return. As I was about to toss the whole bouquet, I passed by a window. The light shining in onto the windowsill made the perfect contrast for these sad little buds. But I realized in that moment... there is beauty in sadness. We all feel sadness at some point in our lives. Why not embrace it rather than fear it? It's usually the precursor for something much better. And that was the beginning of a whole new direction in my art.

I hope you can be inspired by all your emotions too... the good, the bad and the ugly! It's what makes you... You!


  1. great post, Michelle! i have to tell you, you are not alone in your feelings; i think as we get older, hormones change, etc. a lot of women our age can totally relate. I've often felt like a broken baby doll and have used the exact words, "i feel like i've been through a war zone" with Tucker's injury and post traumatic stress syndrome and dealing with the dysfunctional people in my life........

    i love how you still saw beauty in your roses because that was my first thought upon viewing the image was, "how pretty". i didn't see dead, decaying flowers - but what you saw.

    every day is a new day and we have to make the most of them. i've let you have your space and now it is time for us to get together again my friend. dinner, flea market, you name it.


  2. If u didnt know how old you were how old would you be?


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