Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Cupcakes!

What better inspiration is there than a favorite delectable treat? Cupcakes happen to be mine. Soft chocolatey cake... smooth, sugary icing in pretty colors. Yummy! Aside from being a tasty dessert, cupcakes happen to have a nice simple yet interesting shape. The perfect fodder for mixed-media art projects!

This Wonderlanderful cupcake collage was done on cardboard using charcoal and acrylic paints. I smeared on a thick layer of gesso for the icing and painted then glittered it. And because this particular baked good comes from the Land of Oz... it totally needed a pair of ruby red slippers.

This collage was done on a cigar box lid using a phone book page for the base of the cupcake. The entire piece was painted and then coated with beeswax. I worked some Perfect Pearls Pigment Powder into the icing while the wax was still warm.

I took a local silkscreening class a while back.... and what kind of image did I use to make my screen? Yup... you guessed it. A cupcake!

And this carnival-style ode to my favorite treat is a vision in pink. The big top tent houses a dimensional cupcake made from fan-folded paper and silk flowers. A paper clay cherry on top completes this assemblage, which exclaims... Pretty please, with sugar on top.

I'm actually pretty lucky to have some very good local bakeries in town (within walking distance!) that have outstanding cupcakes. Every once in awhile I treat myself to one or two. However, in between... I can use my love of this very rich indulgence for my creative inspirations.

Do you have a favorite food that's shown up in your art?

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