Saturday, March 12, 2011

Recently Listed: Carnival Fun - Mixed Media Assemblages

I am excited to announce that I have completed all ten of the carnival-style assemblages I'd been working on before vacation and have listed a few of them on my Etsy shop. Each one has a personality all it's own and I have some monochromatic color schemes as well as the typical circus colors available. Each one is hand painted then distressed and features vintage and everyday bits and baubles. You can find them listed in my Carnival and Circus Fun section. Happy Shopping!


  1. I have to tell ya, that rabbit is creepy looking. The clown is less creepy looking than the rabbit. I have watched too many horror movies as a kid. I do love how you did these though. They're really cool looking. Are those things where you put the clown heads wooden spools? I love how you did that.

  2. RyoJul,

    I confess... I am a big fan of creepy-cute things. And the rabbit is kind of creepy... that's why I like him!

    And yes, the clown heads are sitting on old wooden spools.


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