Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yup! Today is my 44th birthday. I certainly don't feel that age. I still wear Goody barrettes in my hair and shop in the Junior department. I still make rag dolls and sand castles. I even play with toys and sometimes with boys (if they're not too icky). So I'm definitely a kid at heart.

But another year under my belt... sheesh! Where does the time go? So much I'd like to do and so little time. Mom was right... it does go faster once you get older. I guess I'll just take life one day at a time until it adds up to 45.

So let's see what wonderfully creative things I can accomplish in this upcoming year. Let's see how many interesting adventures might come my way... and what marvelous opportunities are out there for me to discover. I can't wait!



  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day.

    Your collage is wonderful!

  2. Happy B'day I was 43 a couple of wks ago. Pass quickly it does! Love your work and your child like attributes who says only men get to be kids forever lol xx

  3. Thanks, Cristi... that was my first Claudine Hellmuth style collage I did after getting her 2nd craft book. And Dawn, you are so right... men can't be the only ones to act like children!

  4. Happy happy Birthday, Beautiful Michelle ! Here's to being totally YOU no matter what the age !
    Have a ball !

  5. Happy belated birthday!


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