Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Always Room For Improvement...

My creativity the past couple weeks has been directed toward some other tasks... namely my website and Etsy shop. I did a grand sweep of changes, including updates to my home page... making it more visually pleasing and easier to navigate. I updated the bio a little bit to better reflect my current direction.

I updated lots of pages and even added new ones... like this Custom Jewelry page. This is so people know that I can create a special piece of jewelry using their own personal stuff!

I've also been adding some new items to my Etsy shop like a few more custom made Knock Down Dolls and my original framed Collages.

And... taking tons and tons of photos to bring a more cohesive look to the different categories of my shop. Not just for the new items I add, but for much of the existing items as well. Whew! But as always (for me at least), everything is a work in progress. But I'm happy with the improvements so far.

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