Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: Furry, Four-Legged Friends!

If you've ever had a feline friend or a canine companion... you know what it's like to have unconditional love. And who doesn't want that? But for an artist, having a furry, four-legged friend can also be a source of creative inspiration! Here is my muse I like to call Juliet...

She loves to help me put the laundry away. Hmmmm... may have to wash those sweaters again!

We also enjoy hanging out on the upstairs deck, watching birds and bugs fly by. I have to keep an eye on her because she likes to sneak through the banister to the neighbor's porch. Bad kitty! But so cute. Okay... you're forgiven.

Kitties also make great artists assistants! Paper... they'll sit on it. Brushes... they'll bat them around. Jars of paint... oh, they make great toys because they ROLLLLLL!

They love to surprise you in so many special ways. Oh, my goodness! What have we here? A kitty IN the laundry basket.

And after a hard day's work... they are right there to let you know what a great job you've done. Don't they just look so adorable doing it!

Do you have any pets that inspire you? Do tell...


  1. Such an addorable moo..:)

  2. What adorable friends you have! I love the cat in the drawer, and the one in the laundry hamper!

    Mika is my four-legged friend. She's confidant, friend, foot warmer, playtoy, and blood pressure medicine all rolled into one big fat furry and loving feline fluffball!

  3. Clytie,

    love the "blood pressure medicine" part. Sooo true!



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