Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: You! Go Ahead... Ask!

I have to tell you that a huge inspiration in my artwork... one that keeps me going... is all of you! That's right... you! All of you lovely people that stop by my blog... and leave encouraging comments... and share your own thoughts on the topic of the day. So I'd just like to say...

Thank you!

And... I'm going to open up the forum to all of you. Yup, that's right. You! Ask me anything you like by posting a comment here... and I'll answer it in next Tuesday's blog post. Maybe you want to know the story behind a certain piece of art... or how I get my creative juices flowing... or what I do when I can't! Perhaps you want the answers to something totally un-art-related... like you just have to know what kind of car I drive... or what I eat for breakfast. No matter what it is... the questions are yours.

So, go ahead... ask!


  1. Hi there! Where do you find the unique pieces you use for your artowrk? Do u have a fav spot? Thanks! Love your work : )

  2. hey! love this piece in your etsy shop:

    can you explain more about your mold making process?

  3. What kind of music do you listen to? And how do you feel it relates to your art? Or does it?

  4. Hi Michelle...I would love to know "what does get your creative juices flowing and what do you do when your in a halt mood when creativity seems to be on hold?" I like this format too cool.. thanks for listening... have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! Marlene ;O)

  5. I don't have a question right now, but I do have a comment.

    I want to send that 'thank you' right back in your direction. You are an inspiration to me! I am so glad I found your blog, and I love to see what you're up to. You are amazing, and truly inspiring!

  6. I find that I am always interested in an artists inspirations, influences, processes, favorite tools, etc. However, my question is....when starting a new piece of it mostly/all created in your head before you physically create it?

    Thanks for being so open and willing to share!
    All the best-

  7. Are you making any new, fun projects for summer?????


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