Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lincoln Had a Twin?

Junking. I love it. Especially when you find something that you've never seen before. And what do Mike and Frank say? The time to buy something unique is when you see it! Well, that's what happened after stopping in an antique cooperative out in the middle of nowhere'sville. I was seeing double when I came upon these twin Lincoln porcelain doll heads. I had NO freaking idea what the heck I was going to do with them... but they intrigued me tremendously.

I walked away, as they had no price tag... but I kept walking back to visit them. I tried to justify purchasing them in my own little hoarder brain (do you do that too?), so that I could take them home. I thought so many things...

Eh, maybe they're out of my price range for not knowing what I'll do with them.

Maybe I'll just buy one. Yeah, that would make sense and probably fit my budget. But how could I leave one head behind? Which one would I choose? Ugh.

Maybe I can use Lincoln's head as a part of hybrid animal assemblage?

Or maybe I'll make a really, really tall rag doll.

Perhaps I can gather up some of my tin items and have a Tin Man Lincoln?

Ooooh! Maybe I can use their heads on a carnival style assemblage.... like some weird ride or something... with giant Lincoln heads on top of the "building"... and teeny arms beckoning the children to come inside! Yeah, that's it!


And, you know what? When I trepidatiously brought them to the counter and asked their price... the kind-hearted gentleman behind the counter said...

Five dollars.

I said, "each?"

Nope, $5 for both.

So I walked out with my twin Lincoln heads, smiling all the way home. Now to just find some time to bring my wild idea to life!

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