Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fast Food Frenzy!

I love fast food. I love coffee and donuts and cookies and chicken fingers and french fries and all kinds of yummy quick bites. Recently, I loved it so much, I created a bit of an imbalance in my gut... which forced me to make some temporary dietary changes to mend my little belly. But before doing so, I went on an all-out-fast-food-binge of ages. Like an alcoholic knowing they had to go into rehab, I devoured everything I could and enjoyed every single second of it. Okay, so maybe my McRib Sandwich came with a side of guilt, but it was still delicious!

As I ordered each of my offending foods, I couldn't help but notice the brightly colored graphics, supple paper bags and interesting text on some of the containers. So I started collecting them. They ended up in a mixed media collage and I have to say that it was worth every morsel!

The Starbucks Siren in the corner ended up as the inspiration for my girl's coffee cup... kind of like she's making an offering to the sinfully sweet mermaid of caffeine!

This adorably swirly sugar packet I've had in my arsenal for quite some time. It fit in with the green theme that was popping up in my piece... so I was happy to finally paste it onto a collage.

This sticker was actually from a package of chicken breasts — something a little more healthy as I began to change my diet — and it intrigued me and grossed me out all at once! Chicken. All Natural? Well, I certainly hope so!

The best part about the piece is that I didn't really plan for it to be a fast food collage per se, but that's how it ended up. A yellowy-blueish-pinky-beige theme evolved and it's one of my favorite so far. I look forward to using more fast food ephemera in future collages. As well as being able to eat more of it in the near future!

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