Wednesday, January 30, 2013

True Free Spirit...

I know... I know! I keep mentioning Mindy Lacefield and her online workshops that I've been taking. But that's because PLAY is my word for 2013, and they are just so darn fun, and...  I'm "trying on" lots of new styles in an effort to discover my own. Wheeee!

I had made a practice sketch in my notebook (before putting paint to canvas), but had decided to turn her into a wood burning instead! I love burning wood and it had been awhile. So I transferred my drawing to a wood panel and started my adventure!

Mmmmmm... can you smell the burning wood? Smells just like a campfire! I was totally in my element.

The flowers came about on their own, and the stars were made with a special attachment that came with my wood burning tool. A nice balanced composition was shaping up. Now for some color.

The magic really happened as I started to paint. She began to come alive! I took my time and made a point to enjoy the process, as my perfectionist side does not like to get paint on the wood burnt outlines! So I painted slowly and methodically, choosing colors carefully.

Did someone say pink and teal?

I wanted to add details and embellish the piece and torn vintage music sheets really fit that bill. I aged it a bit using Antique Linen and Tea Dye Distress Inks.

I also added a moon using the music paper, but the print really took away from the composition. So I painted a light wash of white over top to tone it down and that made it blend in much better. A pink ribbon bow on top of her head and she was complete! I love her so much and can't stop looking at her. Creating this piece really brought out my true free spirit! Hooray!


  1. I'm really happy to see you've written about this work of art! I really love that you preserved the burn lines by not painting over them - it is a really neat effect. The painting is really cool. It makes me want to try wood burning. I have the heat tool so I should put it on my to-do list for sometime this year. Thanks for the inspiration! ~Stephie

  2. She's beautiful, Michelle !
    Love the woodburning lines and the paint is awesome !
    Brava !

  3. I loved this piece from the very first pencil sketch!
    So to see this process broken down stage by stage is fantastic!
    I too love that you kept the burn lines, they really make the piece stand out.
    Teal and pink, there's a surprise!! :-) But they are your colours, and what makes your work stand apart.
    Because of your colour continuity, your work looks like an ongoing, growing series, which is awesome !!
    So thank you dear Melanie, your work always makes my heart sing.
    Big hugs to you,
    Sue x <3 x

  4. I love this piece so much! What a wonderful talent you have. As soon as saw this it instantly reminded me of my daughter. Truly Beautiful!!!


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