Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays: Me... and You!

Yesterday on Facebook, one of the major craft companies posed an interesting question....

What is your favorite thing in your art studio?

And the first answer I thought of was... me! I'm my favorite thing in my art studio! Because without me, all those tools and supplies and paints and mediums really wouldn't mean a thing. It's the way I hold my brushes, and the way I push paint around on the canvas, and the way I combine the colors that makes what I do fun and unique. It's the papers I choose, and the way I carefully tear them, and the way I place them onto my substrate that makes what I do different from anyone else. And it's the junk I collect, and the potential I see in those objects, and what I turn them into that makes my stuff.... well... my stuff.

And whatever it is that you do, it's the way you do it that makes you special. And don't you ever forget that!

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  1. Hee ! Yes, yes, yes ! My favorite thing in my studio is me too. Closely followed by Chica the yellow lab and one or more of my three sweet kitty cats.
    Hope your day is full of things you like best !


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