Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness...

Last week, a friend of mine, Kecia Deveney, did a blog post about Random Acts of Kindness. She pointed out that the holidays were a perfect time to give the gift of kindness, and shared her own personal Christmas story. Kecia also asked us to share our own stories — which made me think of my absolute favorite — and so I thought I'd share it with you...
About 6 years ago, I was in Atlantic City attending the Artiology retreat and staying in a hotel about a block from the boardwalk. It was dinner time when I arrived so shortly after, I went to the boardwalk to get a bite to eat. On my way I found a red rose boutonniere that someone had dropped. Of course being someone who picks random objects up off the ground, a beautiful red rose with a hint of baby's breath was no exception. I had no idea what I would do with it, but my the palm of my hand was a better place for this lone flower than the sidewalk. 

Just a few moments later I was about to pass by a homeless person sitting on the boardwalk. He asked me for some money... but I had another idea. I cupped my hands over his hands (hiding the rose) — and then waved them over his like a magic trick — revealing the rose. He went, "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!" and was just awestruck. He was so appreciative of the gesture, he couldn't stop smiling and thanking me. He blessed me and I continued on my way. Smiling. 

Sometimes when I need an instant smile, I think of that moment. To be able to lift someone's mood with only the tiniest of gestures is a gift we all have. So why not give the gift of a Random Act of Kindness? What a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

I'd love to hear about Random Acts of Kindness that you've done, or that have been done for you!


  1. What a wonderful story.
    My daughter and I were in the grocery store during the week before Christmas and some unknown kind person told the teller to purchase all of the groceries from a random pick of the lineup. We were that random pick. We were so surprised but felt there were more people in need of something far more than us so instead of insulting that person, we took the value of his gift and bought all sorts of socks, a couple of quilts and lots of other stuff and gave it all away. We felt good after that.
    Merry Christmas Everyone.....

  2. I have a second story to pass along...my daughter and hubby went and gathered up a heap of dog toys that their dog no longer used. They got in the car and started driving. Whenever they saw a dog wondering outside in the cold, they threw a toy over to it. Happy times were happening in that car and many tails were wagging that day. Have fun with you pooches this Christmas everyone.

  3. Thanks for sharing those lovely stories! Love the bonus poochie "tale"!

  4. lovely post. love the heart. :)


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