Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy National Cotton Candy Day!

Did you know that today — December 7th — is National Cotton Candy Day? Yeah, me neither until just a few months ago when I was searching around the internet for that cotton candy machine I saw at Bed Bath & Beyond!

But over the years — and especially the last couple — I've grown to love this sinful confection of spun sugar even more than ever before! Not only do I like to eat it, but now I enjoy making art in honor of it!

Oh, cotton candy... so soft and wispy... so sweetly delicious... I love how you glisten in the sunshine and melt on those hot, humid summer days. I love how you stick to my fingers so it looks like I have 5 little troll dolls on my hand. I wish I could eat you every day! But since I can't... I'll just build a shrine to your magnificence!

How I love to silkscreen you!

And to paint you!

And watercolor you too! No matter what "form" you take, you melt in my mouth and bring a smile to my face. So thank you cotton candy. Thanks for being you! Have a sweet day everybody!

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  1. I love cotton candy, but, alas, my doctor won't let me eat anything with sugar anymore. Sigh. So I will enjoy your wonderful cotton candy art!!!

    P.S. Your heart was featured on this week's Guest Heart Thursday!!!

  2. Love your artwork and all the different ways you captured cotton candy! Wonderful post :)


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