Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thoughtful Thursdays: What a Difference A Year Makes!

I was looking for blog fodder and I checked to see what I was doing this time last year. I made my own self jealous when I realized that I was in Portland, Oregon attending Art & Soul! One thing that stood out was a class I took with Tory Brokenshire called... Yes I Want That Drill Press & More!

It was there that I got the chance to man-up and learn how to use all kinds of power tools including a drill press, belt sander, jig saw, chop saw and nail gun. Can I just tell you that I want all of them! In the workshop we got to build our very own shadowbox from raw lumber. Our manly helper, Gil, was very encouraging!

Tory liked my finished assemblage so much, she encouraged me to want to make more! At the time I thought to myself, "I think I see one in every color scheme, hmmmmm.... maybe starting with pink?" And that's just what I've been doing!

To date, I think I've made 33 carnival-inspired assemblages along the same lines as the original, and using the same basic structure I learned how to make in class. Each time I create a set, I build on what I have learned from the previous versions, and try new things!

I really do like exhausting the possibilities using the same structure. It's really fun to think inside the box! What types of projects do you like to create that have a little something in common?

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  1. Love the boxes ! I am jealous of you one year ago too ! ;D
    I hope you are doing well, enjoy the Fall months and finsing time to feed that gorgoeus creative soul of yours !
    Happy Friday !


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